Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Check out this short story from author John Howell from this post on his Fiction Favorites blog.

Fiction Favorites

This is Friday Right

It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we were in the fortune-telling shop when Micki Lee told Larry Dunfee that she had a discussion with his deceased wife, Gloria. Larry was not convinced until she mentioned the Sandusky case. This was a super-secret case that Larry was working on. With the mention, Larry bought into a séance with Micki and Gloria. I think we should get back to the shop and see how this goes.

“You have a seat there, Larry.”

“Do I need to do anything?”

“No just sit comfortably. I will ask you to close your eyes and concentrate on my voice.”

“You going to hypnotize me?”

“Not at all, Larry. If I was going to hypnotize you I would have already done it. Just relax and let me ask you if you’re willing to talk to Gloria?”

“Y-yes I’m willing?”

“Do you have any concerns?”


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