Staying in with A.J.Waines

Check out the book, Don’t You Dare, by A.J. Waines, as featured in this post on Linda’s Book Bag blog.

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It’s a genuine pleasure to welcome back A.J. Waines to Linda’s Book Bag today. I’ve met Alison in real life (she’s absolutely lovely) and have featured her before, having thoroughly enjoyed and reviewed both No Longer Safehere and Inside the Whispershere where you can also read an extract from the book. I also have an extract from another of Alison’s books, Lost in the Lakehere.

Today I’m lucky enough to be staying in with Alison as she tells me about another of her books.

Staying in with A.J. Waines

Welcome back to Linda’s Book Bag Alison. Thanks so much for staying in with me today.

Thank you for hosting me, Linda, I know that tickets for your sofa are at a premium, so I’m delighted to be here!

(Ha! I’ve been lucky enough to stay in with well over 100 authors since I introduced this feature…

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