Smorgasbord Short Stories – Over the Rainbow by Sally Cronin

Check out the short story, Over the Rainbow, by Sally Cronin, as featured in this post from her Smorgasbord Invitation blog.

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A couple of people suggested a title change… for those who have dropped by already today…

Over the Rainbow by Sally Cronin

‘It’s not bad here is it?’

‘No it’s not, and I was quite surprised. I expected that with all the hype about the place, we’d be disappointed’.

‘I was amazed to see so many familiar faces; it’s been fun catching up, and I must say that Bella is looking particularly fit.’

‘You have a one track mind; I thought you had the snip when you and your lady decided  enough was enough?’

‘I did, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a feisty, good-looking female, does it?’

‘No, I suppose not, you sly old dog. Are you going to the match tonight at the park? I hear that there’ll be a big turnout for the end of season five aside.’

‘Are you kidding me, of course I am…

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