Whatchagot Stew

Check out this great post from C.S. Boyack on the Story Empire blog on the topic of the many place story ideas come from.

Story Empire

Happy Memorial Day all the SEers in the USA, and welcome to everyone else out there too. Many of you will be celebrating with a pot luck get together, a slumgullion, or whatchagot stew of some kind.

Story Empire tries to bring you writing tips and tricks however we can, and my well is running a bit dry currently. So I’ve designed my own whatchagot stew in the form of this post.

Whatchagot stew

First, ideas can come from anywhere. Keep an open mind, and you’ll notice all kinds of things. This is the urinal at one of my favorite pizza and beer places.

Alsco, huh. Add an I and Alisco is kind of a cool name for a character. It’s just that simple, and you will notice all kinds of things in everyday life. Let’s talk about Alisco, and keep in mind, I’m free writing this. After you read it, I’ll…

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