The awoogah-awoogah of my primal, cave-man radar-gland – Guest Post by, Ian Hutson…

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A lot of life on a narrowboat is taken up with mundane practicalities. Much of the rest – when not being boarded by badgers, as recently – is peaceful enjoyment, with the freedom to sit at my study desk for hours and watch the English countryside drift by*.

[*If the scenery is drifting past when it ought not to be doing, then I haven’t moored up properly. Conversely, if I’ve been motoring for hours and hours at full-throttle and the scenery hasn’t changed one iota, then I have forgotten to untie the Cardinal from the towpath.]

These are lovely moorings, the only disadvantage being the occasional bat-out-of-hell boat from the holiday hire company about half a mile up ahead. Some of them, I swear, must be attending house fires or perhaps checking their boat’s top speed, but other than that, it’s always peaceful here, and I have moored here several…

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