Ice With A Dice #short story

Check out this short story, Ice with a Dice, by Geoff Le Pard, as featured in this post from his blog.


I’ve taken a flash from a while ago and created a little bit of horror for you… with humour of course…

‘Arnold, will you stop that racket.’

‘Yes Mother.’ Arnold put the wire brush down carefully and gripped his hands into fists, imagining how hard he’d have to squeeze to stop her moaning.  If there was one thing everyone agreed upon it was that Viola Crump was an Olympic class moaner. And that Arnold was as near to a Saint as a living person can be given how he put up with his mother’s whinges and gripes.

‘My sinuses are…’

Arnold tuned out, returning to his ice cream van. Wherever on the sinus spectrum Viola’s nasal passages sat, it was fair to assume they were not at the positive end. He picked up the paint brush and carefully covered the patch he’d been working on with a coat of magnolia…

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