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We are Flying

Yay, we are flying!’ Matica yelled breathlessly, utterly thrilled. ‘We really made it. Yee-hah!’ Were you afraid you would chicken out?a voice asked her in her mind. She had to grin. Yes, I was but not anymore. We did it.

For long minutes, with her cheek pressed to Talon’s right shoulder, her arms around his neck, she just enjoyed the impression and sensation of his feathers on her cheek. Lying on his back, she saw only his outstretched, locked-in, never ending wing of brown feathers with grey patches.

In the distance, looking further and beyond his wing, she could see mountains rising up high; however, in the next minute her head snapped up. Wondering where they were, she looked down past his shoulder. And seeing the village under them, she watched the activity of the Indians for a while until she said, amused, ‘Our village…

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