Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Check out this short story from John Howell via this post from his Fiction Favorites blog.

Fiction Favorites

It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we started a new story. Larry Dunfee, a police detective, went into a fortune-telling establishment in China town. There he met the owner, a fascinating lady by the name of Micki Lee. (of course). Micki told Larry some things that she read in the newspaper and yet could read on his face he was troubled.  Larry asked if he was wasting his time and she invited him to chat. Let’s go back and see what the chat is all about.

“So, what is the scam all about?”

“Do you think it’s a scam, Larry?”

“I suppose. You didn’t tell me one thing that wasn’t in the newspaper. By the way, you know my name. What’s yours.”

“Ah. Please forgive my miserable manners. Lee. My name is Micki Lee.”

“Micki? That’s unusual.”

“Would you prefer Mei-Xiu?”

“Oh, I get it. Americanized.”


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