Writing TV And Film Adaptations With David Nicholls, Bestselling Author Of One Day – From The Creative Penn Blog

Is screenwriting as glamorous as writers think it is? And does self-doubt ever go away even after massive success? I discuss these questions and more with David Nicholls, internationally bestselling and award-winning author of four novels including One Day.

In the intro, I talk about what I’m doing to prepare for the EU GDPR regulations – and here’s Seth Godin’s article on why you should care, wherever you are in the world. Respect for your readers and respect for data, in general, is ever more important, especially after Facebook/Cambridge Analytica.

If you want a simple way to get to grips with what you need to do legally in the EU or choose to do elsewhere in the world, then check out this free webinar with Nick Stephenson and data protection lawyer. It’s really great information and I’m using it to implement my own compliance steps.

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