The Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You – The Militant Negro™

Check out this engaging interview with blogger, The Militant Negro, as featured on Sally Cronin’s Getting to Know You feature from this post on her Smorgasbord Invitation blog.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

My guest today is the generous, forthright and passionate advocate for civil liberties, The Militant Negro™. Not a day goes by when one or more of my posts are shared on his eclectic blog and I know that I am just one amongst many have reason to be grateful for his kindness. You will find the arts, poetry, fiction as well as down to earth and compelling documentation of the the many civil rights violations that are part of all our cultures.

Anyway, now it is time to find out which of the five questions Mr. MN chose to respond to.

The Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You – The Militant Negro™

First thing is I am Notorious for breaking the rules and NOT following protocol, so I will not attempt to follow the 100 word rule. I find it difficult enough talking about me. I am…

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