Short Story Sunday 212: Number One Suspect [Part 2 – Mystery Month]

It’s Short Story Sunday on Rachel Poli’s blog. Check out Part 2 of her tale, Number One Suspect, as part of her Mystery Month series from this post on her blog.

Rachel Poli

Short Story: "Number One Suspect" (Part 2) | Flash Fiction | Mystery |


            “How could we have helped arrest the wrong man?” Lilah said with a grunt. She pushed the front door of their building open before George could even get the key out of the lock. She walked down the hallway with her arms up in the air in disgust heading for George’s office.

“You know,” George said calmly, “we don’t know for sure that we’ve arrested the wrong man.” He pulled the key out, locked the door again, and then closed it listening for the click.

“Right, but we also don’t know for sure that he’s the right guy we arrested.” Lilah commented. She made it to the end of the hall and jiggled the doorknob to George’s office. She sighed turning around to face him. “Why do you always lock your office?”

“In case someone breaks in,” George said already with the key…

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