Tuesday Tales: Endless Doors Part 1

Check out Part 1 of Endless Doors by P.H. Solomon from this post on the Archer’s Aim blog.

Archer's Aim

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The Tuesday Tales feature continues with a new story this week. Last week Shadow of the Beast ended. To read the story, click on each link: Shadow of the Beast Part 1Shadow of the Beast Part 2Shadow of the Beast Part 3

This story is a a departure from fantasy for me and into a bit of science fiction where the science is more setting and the fiction is nuanced with it.

Endless Doors

by P. H. Solomon

Part 1

The dark abstraction of mourners loomed on Jake’s left. The blurred faces with indistinct mouths opened in song and weeping, gray set against black matched the somber music in the room. He hated abstract art.

Jake thumped the carpeted floor with his heel. Why were they waiting? There were no more goodbyes left for him. Just get this over.

White hair dropped…

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