Guest author: Wendy Van Camp – The Poet In Spite of Herself

Meet guest author Wendy Van Camp in this post from Sue Vincent’s blog

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I stood before the audience, my notebook open as I prepared to read an excerpt from my novel “The Curate’s Brother“.  It is a historical romance based off of Jane Austen’s novel “Persuasion”.  It was one of many readings that I would do to promote my new book that year.

The moderator of our panel gestured to me and said, “I present to you our next reader, author and poet Wendy Van Camp.”

I remember blinking and tilting my head to one side, like a puppy that is not quite sure of a knock at the door.   I do write poetry, but until that moment I never considered myself to be “a poet”.   In those few seconds before I began my reading, I had an epiphany. The moderator was correct, I am a poet.  I’ve been one for quite some time, publishing poems in several magazines and selling…

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