The Account Of the Capture Wasn’t in the Papers*

Check out this thought-provoking post from the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog on the topic of coverage of crime in the news media and how it relates to crime fiction

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

An interesting post from Tim at Informal Inquiries has got me thinking about the different ways in which the media and the public react to a murder investigation. In some cases, there’s a great deal of hype and attention, sometimes to an almost frenzied level. In other cases, though, there’s very little attention paid to a case. Either it’s not seen as sensational enough, or some other major news story eclipses the case, or something else happens.

We see that distinction in a lot of crime fiction, too. And that means that the author has a lot of flexibility when it comes to the plot. Will the case by hyped for some reason? That can add plot threads and suspense. Will it go nearly unnoticed? That, too, can add different sorts of plot threads, and a tension of its own.

One of the most eagerly followed cases of the early…

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