Creating Credible Scenes

Check out this helpful post from Jane Bwye’s blog on creating credible scenes

Jane Bwye

It’s a great privilege to host long-time friend Nancy Jardine once again. She is an eminent historian and novelist, and her dedication to detail leaves me utterly in awe. No wonder her books are so rich and satisfying. And she has produced some atmospheric photographs to give us an idea of the scenery where her characters lived in days gone by. Over to you, Nancy.

Hello Jane. Thank you so much for inviting me today. It’s always lovely to make a return visit.

Research generally plays a large part in the preparation for a historical novel. Depending on the era chosen, that can be a fairly simple process of going to prime sources, text books or academic papers to locate the information that can be used to create a credible setting.

In my case, since my historical fiction series is set almost 2000 years ago in northern Roman Britain, prime…

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