Rebecca Bradley is my Guest Author: Former Detective turned Author and Blogger has a new book: DEAD BLIND

Author Rebecca Bradley has a new book, Dead Blind. You can get the details from this post on Jane Risdon’s blog.

Jane Risdon

Rebecca Bradley

I’ve wanted to host my Guest Author Rebecca Bradley for ages – and now here she is chatting about her career in the Police and her writing.

If you’ve read any of my other interviews with former Detectives and  Intelligence Officers, you will know I like to get to the nitty-gritty of these detectives turned authors…I hope you enjoy finding out about Rebecca whose latest book

Dead Blind

is published 8th May 2018. 

Hello Rebecca, thanks so much for agreeing to be my guest author. I am really pleased to welcome you as I’ve wanted you to be my guest for such a long time. 

Hi Jane, thank you for having me!

Please tell us something about yourself and your former career in the Police: when and why you entered the police force?

Well, as you say, before I was a full-time author I was a…

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