In The Spotlight: Dwayne Alexander Smith’s Forty Acres

Author Dwayne Alexander Smith is in the spotlight in this post from the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. There’s something about a secretive group that’s a natural fit with the thriller novel. And I’m sure you could think of plenty of examples. Let’s see how that fit works with a most unusual secretive group, and turn today’s spotlight on Dwayne Alexander Smith’s Forty Acres.

As the novel begins, attorney Martin Grey is prosecuting a major civil rights lawsuit against a large corporation, Autostone Industries. He’s got a strong case, but he’s up against Damon Darrell, one of the shrewdest, most skilled, and most successful attorneys in the business. Like Grey, Darrell is black. It’s a bit of a ‘David and Goliath’ situation, but Grey is no slouch, and he wins the case. To Grey’s shock, Darrell stops by his law office later to offer congratulations and to invite Grey and his wife, Anna, to dinner. Surprised, but…

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