A Second Series That Comes Before the First: Dreaded Prequels

Author Charles Yallowitz discusses prequels in this great post from his Legends of Windemere blog.

Legends of Windemere

LOTR and the Hobbit

One could say that War of Nytefall is a loose prequel to Legends of Windemere.  It’s pretty easy to say since it’s true.  They take place in the same world with the same races, magic system, and many shared cities.  There may even be a cameo or two from familiar faces that can survive the centuries.  It creates a bigger web of world-building and opens up more of Windemere for other stories.  The foundation has grown wider and higher, but there are risks.

First, one runs into a problem with readers thinking they have to read the first series to get into the second.  This isn’t true since they are separate stories that happen to take place in the same world.  You can follow the adventures of Clyde without knowing about the adventures of Luke Callindor.  Yet, many readers will see this and get confused…

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