Short Story Sunday 211: Number One Suspect [Part 1 – Mystery Month]

Check out Part 1 of the short story, Number One Suspect, by Rachel Poli from this post on her blog.

Rachel Poli

Short Story "Number One Suspect" | Mystery | Flash Fiction |

            “I didn’t do it. I’m serious. I really didn’t do anything!”

Lilah stood behind a one-way mirror in a small room with George by her side along with two other police officers. They were at the police station watching Barney, George’s brother who also happened to be a detective at the station, interrogate a suspect.

She looked up at George wondering what he was thinking. She didn’t want to say anything out loud in case they missed what the suspect had to say. Still, she couldn’t tell whether the man was guilty or not.

Steven Bell was under the suspicion of murdering his wife. Of course he wasn’t going to say that he didn’t do it whether he did it or not. No one wanted to go to jail; no one wanted to get charges put against them for murder. However, to Lilah, he seemed as though he was…

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