Gonna Make a (Jailbreak)*

Check out this helpful post from the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog on including a jail break in crime fiction.

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Prison isn’t exactly a nice place to be. So, most people don’t want to go there. And, if they’re there, they don’t want to stay there. That’s one reason there are prison guards, security procedures, and so on. Despite those measures, though, people do escape from custody. With today’s technology, it’s not easy to do. But it does happen.

And it certainly happens in crime fiction. A prison escape can add some real tension to a story. And it can add a solid plot point, too. It’s a scenario that’s got to be done well if it’s going to be credible. But when it is, prison escape can work quite effectively in a crime story.

For instance, In Agatha Christie’s Sanctuary, vicar’s wife Diana ‘Bunch’ Howard goes to the local church to see to the flowers. When she gets there, she discovers to her shock that there’s a badly…

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