Food and Society: A Rough Hurdle for Vampires

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Legends of Windemere

Count Chocula

A big part of all societies food, which makes it difficult for a vampire to blend in.  You can only pretend to have already eaten or not be hungry so often before people start thinking you have a problem.  On the other hand, you can’t role up with your latest victim dangling from your fangs.  So, what are some tips to surviving events that require a little sipping and noshing?

  1. Try to be the host as often as possible.  This means you can have food for everyone and be close to your own source.  Blood bags are very useful here because they’re easier to hide than a body.  More importantly, the host has plenty of reasons to step out of the party.  Make sure you don’t have enough beer or ice to make it through the night or stage an accident that requires you get your clothes into…

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