Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Impending Disaster by Colin Guest

Check out this new addition by author Colin Guest to Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore, from this post on the Smorgasbord Invitation blog.

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Welcome to Colin Guest and his latest release a short Action/Adventure story, Impending Disaster

About Impending Disaster.

Three friends had been out enjoying a sightseeing plane trip. They were happy and carefree as they were about to pass over the mountain above their town nestling down in the valley. A gently bubbling creek ran through the centre of it. On each side of its banks were a variety of timber built summer homes and cabins. It looked and was a peaceful town of around 350 inhabitants. As they woke that morning, no one knew that high above them a terrifying plane crash would result in most of them able to live and enjoy another day.

As the plane past through some light hazy clouds, disaster in the form of a flock of geese brought the three friends light banter to an abrupt end. The cockpit screen was instantly transformed into…

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