Guest writer: Karen Hugg – The Unexpected Love of a Stray Cat

Check out this guest post by author Karen Hugg from Sue Vincent’s blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

One warm day in the summer of 2005, I was headed upstairs with a basket of laundry when I heard a yowl through the landing window. I peeked out at the strip of trees and shrubs that separated our house from the neighbor’s to see what the fuss was. I only saw greenery and the driveway. Later that day, I heard the yowl again. That evening, again. It soon became a habit that in the evenings and early mornings we heard the yowling outside. It was no doubt a cat, but it wasn’t our cat, a medium-haired calico named Madeleine, nor was it any neighbor cat we knew of. None of the neighbor cats made noise. But this one did and did so insistently.

My husband Ethan and I went about our lives as usual: working weekdays, fixing up the house, walking the dogs, cycling, gardening. And it was one…

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