Novel Writing: Finishing the Third Draft

Check out this post from the Uninspired Writers blog on finishing the third draft of your novel.

Uninspired Writers

Good morning writers. I hope this week is treating you well.

Recently, my writing has been on a role, so I’m pleased to say I have finished my third draft! When I say finished, what I really mean is, I have loads of notes, some chapters that need to be written from scratch and a long, long way still to go. In one sense, I’m further on than I was before but I’m also a little further behind than I’d hoped to be. Isn’t the writer’s life a funny old thing?!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my thoughts from finishing the third draft. They may differ completely to your own experiences, or you may not be there yet, but I hope you find the post insightful anyway.

1. The third draft adds layers
Layers, layers, wonderful layers! I spoke in a post upon finishing the second draft about…

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