You might want to avoid these subjects like the plague.

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing blog on writing subjects you might want to avoid like the plague.

Jean's Writing

In addition to my novel in process, I have another kid book in the works.

In the following video, Darcy Pattison tells us 17 topics to avoid and WHY.  Let’s face it, some ideas have been done to death. Which makes me wonder if some of these topics might apply to adult fiction too. Hmm.

So, writer beware, proceed with caution.

17 topics to avoid unless you’ve found a new and unique twist.

  1. The first day of school
  2. Clean your room
  3. Tooth Fairy
  4. Halloween & Christmas
  5. I want a pet
  6. Dealing with a disability
  7. Hello, my name is…
  8. Grandma & Grandpa
  9. New baby
  10. Barnyard stories
  11. Bedtime stories
  12. Personal hygiene
  13. Monsters & acting un-monster like
  14. Going green
  15. I love you books
  16. I’m bored
  17. Baby bird learns to fly

What did you think? Do you agree?

Is there another topic you think has been overdone? Do tell.

Could some of these topics be overdone…

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