PorterGirl – Sinister Dexter LAUNCH DAY!

I have received my copy of Lucy Brazier’s latest, Sinister Dexter. Check out all of the books in her Porter Girl series. They are wonderful. Details are in this post from her Porter Girl blog.

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Ladies and gentlemen, today the PorterGirl trilogy is completed by the release of Sinister Dexter!

Join me this evening 7pm – 8pm (UK time) for live broadcasts on Facebook and Twitter, where I will talk about the books, the real Old College and all the things that you – the readers – want to know about. This will coincide with Mumsie’s retirement do, so be prepared for some occasional randomness.

If you have not yet paid a visit to the notorious Old College (where have you been?!) then today is the perfect day to make the trip – first novel in the series First Lady Of The Keys is available FREE on e-book for a limited time only. Welcome to Old College – it’s quite an education!

The PorterGirl Trilogy



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